Schema Markup - FAQ Schema

 We don't have a plugin for Blogger that allows us to add FAQ Schema to the blogger website, correct? So, are you interested in learning how to add FAQ Schema to Blogger? If you want to add a FAQ to Blogger but are unsure how to do it, read this entire guide to gain the information you need.

Therefore, it has never been easier to create a FAQ Schema on a website. If we want to add FaQ Schema to Blogger, we must put in a little extra effort. Since this topic is different from others, you should read it in its entirety to learn everything about FAQ Schema.

From the perspective of SEO, it is also crucial. According to Google, adding FaQ Schema to a website would improve its SEO, which will boost its visibility on Google.

FAQPage Schema Form

Add all your Questions and answers

JSON Output

After adding all your questions, add this code to your FAQ page

What is FAQ Schema Markup?

A frequently asked question, or FAQ, is a type of question and its response that consumers and even Google can use to understand your website. As a result, it is crucial for SEO and website ranking.

It's simple for the search engine to display rich results, as demonstrated in the image below, when we utilize a FAQ schema markup in the blog post. Additionally, it makes it easier for voice assistants like Google Assistant to recognize the response to that specific query.

For the website, it is known as a Structured Data Markup. Therefore, there are two ways to add a FAQ to a website or blog: one is using JSON, and the other is by embedding microdata in HTML. Visit the official Google Blog for further information.

Importance of FAQs Schema for blogger

Including FAQs schema in Blogger falls under technical SEO, and FAQs schema both improves your site's Google search engine ranking and appearance.

You can plainly see that the FAQs snippet site is occupying a large portion of the first page of Google, which shows that your site's SEO is superior to that of the competition and that your site is included in the rich results.